About Me

Ross Gudgel presents “the rest of my story.” Information contained in this site include FACTS specific to my Acquittal and Release, Career Highlights, Marriages and Divorces, Military Service, Mother and Father, Publications, Spiritual Development, Vigilante issues, and Hanlon’s Razor.

The need to present “the rest of my story” is the result of many people over the past two decades who have decided to waste their lives in concealed hostility by being totally dedicated to wasting my life and the lives of many others no matter the cost. They have no conscience whatever in spreading the wastage and wreckage from themselves to others and they do it with devilish cunning. Vow now, as I have, that you will understand this so deeply that no one will ever be able to waste your life.

Feel free to reach out to me if you have any additional questions or feedback. Use our Contact Me page to do so.